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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: regexp file content search to form a fileset
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 08:37:50 GMT
Its easy to write a custom Selector.  Have a try.  Its documented in 
Ant's documentation as well as the fine Java Development with Ant book 
:)  And as far as I can tell, nothing exists to do regular expression 
matching.  You could use <or> with two <contains> selectors if you 
wanted to allow one space there and be a little flexible, but still a 
bit rigid and allow zero or one space - that might be a reasonable first 
approximation for what you're trying to do.

But, perhaps a bit off-topic, how about using XDoclet and @tags rather 
than coming up with your own "# Java-Bean" metadata markup?  There is 
even JavaBeans support in the latest CVS (soon to be release) version of 
XDoclet.  What exactly are you doing with these tags?


Elizabeth Cooper wrote:
> To anyone who can help:
> A long time ago (maybe a couple of months) I looked through the Ant 1.5 
> documentation and came across (I thought)  a way to get a fileset using 
> a regexp  -- searching through the CONTENTS of a source code file using 
> a regexp search criteria to make the fileset.
> Now I cannot find anything, so I must have been dreaming or something.
> Now all I can find related to this is ReplaceRegExp  (uses regexp to 
> make a file set, but based on file names, not content), and <contains> 
> which searches the file contents, but only based on a String, not a 
> regular expression. <contains> would be close to what I need, but I 
> cannot search just for a string -- the match must be close to the 
> beginning of the line and MOST IMPORTANTLY ignore white space (as well 
> as be case insensitive).
> For example, I have some source code that may have a comment such as "#  
> Java-Bean: True" or, in another file, "#     Java-Bean:True" and both 
> must match the criteria (only difference is white space), so both are 
> included in the fileset.
> So can someone tell me if this is possible in Ant 1.5.1 and how?
> --
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