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From Jason Hall <>
Subject && -Ddist.dir && clean
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 06:21:04 GMT
I compiled and installed ant in /usr/local/ant .. this was okay, but i 
wanted to rebuild it to go in the /usr/local structure. So I did this:

[root@bb] (pts/10) # ./ -Ddist.dir=/usr/local dist
Copying 2 files to /usr/home/jhall/compile/jakarta-ant-1.5/build/classes

Building jar: /usr/home/jhall/compile/jakarta-ant-1.5/build/lib/ant.jar

Copying 2 files to /usr/local/lib
Copying 5 files to /usr/local/bin

file:/usr/home/jhall/compile/jakarta-ant-1.5/build.xml:767: chmod 
returned: -1

Well. I didnt notice this error when I installed in /usr/local/ant, so 
just for good measure I decided to 'make clean' and start over.

When I did that, this is what happened:

[root@bb] (pts/10) # ./ -Ddist.dir=/usr/local clean
Buildfile: build.xml

Deleting directory /usr/home/jhall/compile/jakarta-ant-1.5/build
Deleting directory /usr/local

Well. I ^C'd this as soon as I saw the message but I was not quick 
enough. No, it probably wasnt a good idea to leave the 
-Ddist.dir=/usr/local on the command line, but I really didnt think it 
would hurt anything (-DFOO=bar in make generally doesnt do bad things)
At worse I thought it would delete the installed ant files in 
/usr/local. Definately NOT the entire directory!

Figured I better report this stuff to you guys so you can fix it so this 
  doesnt happen to anyone else. grrqx0rz.

Off to rebuilding /usr/local =(

Jason Hall <>

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