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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Task missing method ? Write an ant project to disk ?
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:10:27 GMT
Olivier SCHMITT wrote:
> I'am not insane ! :o))) This ide is a demo to show my java skills. I'am 
> unemployed ... :o(((((
> Anyway, Netbeans and Eclipse are too slow even on a good pc ( i own a P3 
> 1Ghz 256 Mo)

Well, just my personal take on your skills demo project, if I was 
interviewing someone that had reinvented the wheel you can bet I'd quiz 
them on the "why" pretty heavily!  :)  So be prepared with good answers 
on why you chose to do something that has already been done.  I 
understand the speed issue with Eclipse and NetBeans - this is one of 
the reasons I use IntelliJ.

And, as Nicola Ken pointed out, look into the Antidote project and 
improve upon that - this would be the most beneficial to the entire 
community and would not raise my eyebrows as much as writing your own 
Java IDE :)  Sorry I forgot to mention Antidote earlier.

>> This is a reasonable first approximation, but its still not good 
>> enough.   You need to follow the rules that IntrospectionHelper uses 
>> to get the real picture of which attributes to show.  And how are you 
>> going to deal with sub-elements, such as datatypes or task-custom 
>> ones?  Also, the proposal/xdocs generated information is aiming 
>> towards having metadata available to such IDE's so that they can get a 
>> clear picture of what Ant supports or not - there are setters in some 
>> cases that are not documented and are not designed to be used from a 
>> build file, but introspection finds them as if they are attributes.  
>> Be very careful here - and please leverage the proposal/xdocs information.
> Thank you. InstropectionHelper was a great help !

Again, to emphasize what I said - even though IntrospectionHelper is 
mostly accurate, there are several undocumented attributes that should 
stay hidden by IDE's too.  These have been marked to be ignored using 
XDoclet markup @tags, so be sure to consult that metadata as well.


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