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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: zipping a single file
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 07:10:23 GMT
Andrew van Renen wrote:
>> includes/excludes attributes are merged together with the ones 
>> >specified by <include>/<exclude> elements.  They require no further
>> definition, and is a matter of preference to some extent or necessity
>> if you're using if/unless on the elements.
> So then why did '<zip includes="${to}" destfile="${backup_zip}"' not work?

It would work if your ${to} refered to patterns relative to your 
project's base directory.  You cannot make ${to} be an absolute path. 
To respond to another post from you - FileSet's are not new and there is 
nothing in the works to change how they work.  Some tasks that operate 
on files have been implemented to form an implicit fileset, but that is 

FileSet's operate from a base directory, and all includes/excludes 
patterns are relative to that base directory.  For the <zip> family of 
tasks, that has been mapped to the basedir attribute - tasks that 
implicitly form a FileSet have to supply their own attribute for the 
base directory, so its not just 'dir'.

Does that clear things up?


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