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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: inheritrefs doesn't work
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 15:20:34 GMT
Hello Daniel,

I am having the same issue with the <ant ...> task and posted, then
reposted with no response.

Anyone know what is going on with inheritRefs?


Thursday, September 19, 2002, 9:25:18 AM, you wrote:

ADC> I can not get inheritRefs to work properly.

ADC> Code fragments:

ADC>         <target name="init" description="Sets up a file set of the axis jar files">
ADC>                 <path id="allJars">
ADC>                         <fileset dir="/foo2" id="bJars">
ADC>                                 <include name="....."/>
ADC>                         </fileset>
ADC>                         <fileset dir="/foo" id="aJars">
ADC>                                 <include name="....."/>
ADC>                         </fileset>
ADC>                         <fileset dir="/" id="cJars">
ADC>                                 <include name="....."/>
ADC>                         </fileset>
ADC>                 </path>
ADC>         </target>

ADC>         <target name="genWsdlTarget">
ADC>                 <java classname="${wsdl.java2wsdl}" fork="true">
ADC>                         <classpath>
ADC>                                 <fileset refid="axisJars"/>
ADC>                         </classpath>
ADC>                 </java>
ADC>         </target>

ADC>         <target name="genWsdl" description="Generate wsdl from compiled java" depends="init">
ADC>                 <antcall inheritrefs="true" target="genWsdlTarget">
ADC>                         <param name="wsdlTarget" value="...."/>
ADC>                 </antcall>
ADC>         </target>

ADC> file:build.xml:166: No directory specified for fileset.

ADC> Line 166 corresponds to the <java> tag.  Can someone help me out here?  What
am I missing?  Or is there a bug?

ADC> ant -version
ADC> Apache Ant version 1.5 compiled on July 12 2002

ADC> Thanks, 
ADC> Dan

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Best regards,

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