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From "Paul D. Schmidt" <>
Subject How do people keep track of version information?
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 18:27:12 GMT
Hello, I'm looking for some advice on how people use ant
+ perforce to keep track of their labels, version info, etc.

First of all, I'm a bit confused as to why the propertyfile
task sets the properties BEFORE performing its operations
and writing out the file.  This puts what gets used during
the build and the proeprty file that gets labelled/tagged
in differing states...

We need to keep track of the build number in a proprety file
which can be used by the build system to substitute it into
certain files that our application uses.  This part seems
to be fine.

I'm wondering what other people (preferably who use perforce,
but CVS, etc might carry over here as well) do to automatically
formulate the label name, etc.  Hard coding a prefix and
appending the buildnumber to it works in the simplest case,
but as soon as you introduce branching (which in perforce
isn't metadata like in CVS, it actually puts all the files
in a different location (//depot/branches/branch_name in our
case), so the view= attribute, etc needs to be correct for
the p4 ant tasks...

Having a hard-coded build.view property set to something
like "build.view=branches_pds-dev4" might work, if there's
an easy way to replace _ with / from within ant (I forget,
I'll have to look through the manual again).  However,
this would cause lots of pain for our developers, who are
all on separate branches, having to merge the
file (well, ignore that file every time they try to integrate
actually, as their would have a different
build.view in there as the mainline)

Just wondering what other people do so I can get some ideas...


[Paul D. Schmidt...........][]
[Xtime, Inc................][........]

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