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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Task missing method ? Write an ant project to disk ?
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 19:14:35 GMT
It strikes me that if you really want to work on an
IDE, there are open-source IDEs that can use core
and/or plugins developers.  The IDE I use and work on
is Jext at .  There are probably
bug fixes and feature additions you could tackle at
any given time.  Jext has a good reputation as well. 
It has been mentioned on and has been a
featured project on .  If you
subscribe to its mailing list and post looking for
something to do, you may find something quickly. 
Actually we are due for a major rewrite eventually
although you probably don't want to wait that long for
a job.  ;)

One more benefit of working on Jext for you might be
that the lead developer of Jext, Romain Guy, is French
as well.


--- Olivier SCHMITT <> wrote:
> hi scott,
> >On Monday, September 16, 2002, at 01:59  AM,
> Olivier SCHMITT wrote:
> >
> >>
> >>>Olivier SCHMITT wrote:
> >>>>hi, i'm currently building a Java IDE with ant
> support.
> >>>
> >>>Either you're really really good do not like any
> of the open-source 
> >>>IDE's enough to extend them to your tastes
> (NetBeans, Eclipse, jEdit) or 
> >>>you're insane!
> >>
> >>I'am not insane ! :o))) This ide is a demo to show
> my java skills. I'am 
> >>unemployed ... :o(((((
> >
> > From my own experience on both sides of the table,
> employers are most
> >impressed by practical and actualized job skills. 
> (In english - show that 
> >you know how to do something they want, and show
> that you have done it 
> >already.)  After all, if you can already do at
> least one thing they want 
> >done, they get clear benefits by hiring you.
> >
> >An IDE is a big task, and one that is likely to
> while away many happy 
> >hours.  That said, with any luck, you will be
> employed before you finish 
> >it, and so it will not be a complete project to
> show during the interviews.
> >
> >You might be far, far better served by picking a
> project already in 
> >progress, and fixing bugs.  My choices would
> probably be something like 
> >ANT, Maven, or CruiseControl, as we use the one,
> and will likely use the 
> >other two at some point.  The key benefits are
> showing an interviewer that 
> >you are intimately familiar with the tool and how
> it helps them, and that 
> >you are able to work with a large existing code
> base.  Further, you do not 
> >lose the ability to bring in code samples.
> As i've have already told some people of this list,
> my experience with 
> interviewers is quite different (maybe another
> french exception ), most of 
> them were from marketing and sales. They don't care
> about Ant and other 
> open source project ! They haven't heard about it !
> But i will expose my research on ant and maybe i can
> get involved in a 
> project.
> For now my ant parser based on Xerces is able to
> parse test cases files 
> provided with ant sources and to display a JTree
> representing
> the ant file. As NetBeans does it but my parser
> handles ant 1.5 tags.
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