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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re[2]: Can't get linkoffline to work with <javadoc> task
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 19:32:51 GMT
Hello joel,

Are you sure that the URL's that point to the classes in the Java API
are valid when you do this?

In my file, I set the following:


  note that I tried the above packagelistLoc with and without the
  trailing slash with no difference observed.  I also tried a
  file:///.... URL and tried doing .../api/package-list, both of which
  resulted in no links created at all.

I have the following set up to run in Javadoc...

<link offline="${javadoc.jdk.offline}" href="${javadoc.jdk.href}" packagelistLoc="${javadoc.jdk.packagelistLoc}"

I echoed the values for the above values.  They are...

<echo message="${javadoc.jdk.offline}"/>
<echo message="${javadoc.jdk.href}"/>
<echo message="${javadoc.jdk.packagelistLoc}"/>

[echo] true
[echo] C:/j2sdk1.4.1/docs/api/

However, the result of the link to the Object class from the javadoc
of one of my classes ends up being this:


That URL is totally invalid.  How did you set things up to get valid
URL's generated pointing to the offline location of your jdk docs????


Friday, September 27, 2002, 3:39:39 AM, you wrote:

jf> Hi Jacob and All,

jf> I finally found where was my mistake, but I believe this revealed a possible RFE for
Ant <javadoc> task in order to help diagnose such mistakes:

jf> What happened was that my packagelistLoc path was simply wrong. The problem with Ant
<javadoc> task is that apparently in such a case it silently ignore the links option
jf> javadoc itself (as shown by ant -verbose). So I got no error message.

jf> I discovered the problem by invoking directly javadoc itself, in order to check if
as you suggested javadoc was broken. It is not broken: at the first invocation I immediatly
got an error
jf> message: "Error reading /my/wrong/path/to/package-list". I fixed the path and everything
worked fine!

jf> Could it be and RFE to improve Ant <javadoc> task error reporting in such a case?

jf> Thanks,
jf> Joel

jf> Jacob Kjome wrote:
>> Hello joel,
>> I believe this is broken in javadoc itself.  If it worked there, it
>> would work in Ant.  Read the release notes for j2sdk1.4.1.  There is a
>> reference to a bug about that.
>> Jake
>> Thursday, September 26, 2002, 11:14:02 AM, you wrote:
>> jf> Hi,
>> jf> I use the javadoc task in my project. It works fine except that I can't get
the linkoffline option
>> jf> to work.
>> jf> I tried using the linkoffline attribute of the <javadoc> task like this:
>> jf> <javadoc [...] linkoffline="${link.javadoc.url.j2se} ${link.javadoc.packagelist.j2se}"
>> jf> And I also tried the <link> nested element like this:
>> jf> <link offline="true" href="${link.javadoc.url.j2se}"
>> jf> packagelistloc="${link.javadoc.packagelist.j2se}" />
>> jf> But in both case, when I run ant (with the -verbose option to see what gets
actually passed to
>> jf> javadoc), the -linkoffline option is not present in the actual call to javadoc.
>> jf> I searched the ant-user list and did not see any mention of this problem.
Am I missing something?
>> jf> Thanks,
>> jf> Joel
>> --
>> Best regards,
>>  Jacob                  

Best regards,

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