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From Jason Vinson <>
Subject calling ant from a java file
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 18:16:05 GMT
I am currently creating an IRC bot in java to do a cvs download and
build via ant.  here's a snippet of the code:

 if (token.equals("build")) {
     String[] args = new String[4];
     args[0] = "-buildfile";
     args[1] = "<path/to/build.xml>";
     args[2] = "clean";
     args[3] = "compile";
     Main m = null;
     try {
         m.start(args, null, null);
     catch (Exception e) {

which cleans and compiles the build, but it exits on completion which
kills my bot (via system.exit()).  Is there an arg value i can pass into
Main.start() that will keep from exiting the System?

thanks in advance,

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