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From Ilja Preuß <>
Subject conditional fileset
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 14:30:25 GMT

I am working on a base set of targets that get included in our
project-specific build-scripts.

Now I have the requirement, that some projects need to copy files to a
specific destination. I would like to define this copy-target generically
and let the projects scripts define a fileset that should be copied.

The problem I am facing is that that target should be executed automatically
from some other targets (that is, those other targets depend on it), but
*only* if the fileset is defined (obviously...).

I know how to check for the existence of a property, but couldn't find
something similar for filesets or the like. Is there a way to do what I
want? Or can you suggest an alternative way of accomplishing this

I already searched the archive, but didn't find anything related - if I
missed something, I would already be thankfull if you pointed me in the
appropriate direction... ;-)

Thanks, Ilja

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