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From Richard Tasker <>
Subject Re: Copy files to output, but a directory higher...
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 10:25:26 GMT
> > I am trying to copy files from /src/blah/I18N -> /output/blah
> Is blah a constant or can blah change? I.e. are there multiple values
> for blah in a single <copy>?  If so, you'll need to use a regexp
> mapper instead of a glob mapper.
> <mapper type="regexp" from="(.*)/I18N/(.*)" to="\1/\2"/>
This is the case, where the <copy> is recursing a directory structure.

> <copy todir="${output}" >
>     <fileset dir="${src}">
>         <include name="**/I18N/*.properties"/>
>     </fileset>
>     <mapper type="regexp" from="(.*)/I18N/(.*)" to="\1/\2"/>
> </copy>

Using the regexp mapper above, I get the following message for each file in
the fileset when I run the task:
    [copy] com\slb\Modules\ParkEditor\I18N\ skipped -
don't know how to handle it
    [copy] com\slb\Modules\Supervisor\alarm\I18N\
skipped - don't know how to handle it

Does the regexp mapper work on the filename string (e.g. or on the complete path string (e.g.

It seems as if the from clause is causing the problem, I get the same result
even if I change the fileset to:
 <include name="**/*.properties"/>

Any ideas?

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