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From "Karen Schaper" <>
Subject Wildcard in Target
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:42:09 GMT
Hi All,


Our build script is getting quite large to maintain.  Is there a way to
simplify the following portion of a build script so that each new

“build.beanD, build.beanE…etc” does not have to be added to the depends
of build.all.beans?


I tried using a wild card in the depends such as “build.bean*” but this
does not work.


Any suggestions?



Sample Code:


<target name="build.beanA"/>

<target name="build.beanB"/>

<target name="build.beanC"/>

<target depends=”build.beanA,build.beanB,build.beanC”





Karen Schaper

Marketlink Java Developer

Danzas AEI

(845) 268-6300



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