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From "Neil Oman" <>
Subject Re: include jpeg/gifs in a jar
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:46:11 GMT

I've written a few java applets and want to bundle them into a jar using ant
& condensity 2.0.

First of all I can't find a way that condensity will allow me to include
gifs and jpegs, build fails whatever I try.
Second of all if I don't use condensity, just ant, my gifs and jpegs get
"junked". They are either not recognised by the applet or only half of each
picture is loaded.
I have also tried bundling them all into a normal jar, and this has much the
same effect.

I tried this method with java 1.2beta, bundling all into one jar in several
java 1.1 applets a year ago and it worked fine, now I have java 1.4 and the
code is in java 1.2. My picture loader can load images from within a jar,
and the code is the same as that used a year ago.

Am I doing something terribly stupid? or is it not me at all?

Can somebody please help!
Kind Regards,
Neil Oman

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