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From "Curt Arnold" <>
Subject Re: DTD?
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 05:00:41 GMT
You should be able to build the base schema (in the generic W3C XML Schema,
Relax NG, etc) for ant autonatically from the proposal/xdocs/build/gen
files.  I've got a decent start on an XSLT transform that will generate an
XML Schema.

The only problem would be that XML Schema would not validate user-added
tasks since they would be in the same (lack of) namespace as the rest of the
build file.  That could be addressed, if Ant would tolerate "xmlns"
attribute on any task instead of raising a BuildException with the 'task
doesn't support the "xmlns" attribute' message.  That would allow a task to
except itself from schema validation by explicitly stating a namespace, but
would not have any other effect.

> > Presumably an XML Schema could work with this couldn't it? That's if the
> > base Schema for the Ant build layout was in existence. Then you could
> > just have the local extensions?
> no, XML schema is the enemy. We must not use it!
> Actually I work with it doing soap work, but it doesnt stop me hating
> something so bizarre. And it wont let you specify that attributes are
> exclusive, relax-NG does.

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