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From "Chris Brown" <>
Subject [Ant 1.4.1] Optional <propertyfile> task and "+" operation
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 08:08:04 GMT


Sometimes when I use the <propertyfile> task, with the increment operation,
instead of adding 1 to the value of the property entry, it multiplies it by
two...  I can execute exactly the same task once, and it adds "1", other
times, with no change in any parameter or the environment, it multiplies it
by two.  I'm only executing the task once each time I run the buildfile, so
I don't think it's an issue relating to immutable property values.  Here's
an example of my task anyway:

<propertyfile file="${buildnumber-file-path}">
  <entry key="build-number" type="int" operation="+"
    value="1" default="0"/>

I've also noticed that when the value of the build-number variable exceeds
1000 in a French locale, an non-breakable space character is added to the
number, to make it "1 000".  Unfortunately, this means that in subsequent
builds, the number becomes "1\u00A0000" (or similar), and is thereafter
useless.  Could be an implementation issue concerning the use of

By the way, I've still not upgraded to Ant 1.5.x because I've heard that
there's a bug when updating zip/jar files... so I can't yet take advantage
of the buildnumber task.

- Chris

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