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From "Damon Hill" <>
Subject RE: <move> task hangs my ant process
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 13:52:14 GMT

after digging even further, I think the actual problem does not lie in
the actual <move> task itself or
the <copy> for that matter (they both fail, as well as deleting the
files after a copy). I believe the
problem arises as a combination of either a <move> or <copy> and then
an <exec>. 

Here is the reason, we are using ClearCase and are deploying to
WebSphere, and to perform 
a workaround (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know) we have to append the prefix
from our view as part of
or directory structure because it will be used in our CLASSPATH in
WebSphere. And since
WebSphere doesn't have direct access to a VOB, then we have to do this
work around.

However, each time we burrow down into another subproject, we have to
get this value of the
view prefix. It is obtained by the following code: 

<target name="view">  <exec executable="/usr/bin/sh"
outputproperty="view">   <arg value="-c"/>    <arg value="f=`cleartool
pwv -s -wdv`;if [ -d $f ]; then echo $f; else echo
$$CLEARCASE_ROOT;fi"/>   </exec>   <echo

The resource unavailable doesn't happen on the Second project, but
mysteriously on the THIRD attempt
to execute this target.

Any suggestions now?? Sorry for the confusion earlier.


M Damon Hill
Integrator : TURBO/Jets
Valtech Technoloies, Inc.
"Science is built up of facts, as a house is built of stones; but 
an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones 
is a house." - Henri Poincare 

>>> 08/07/02 08:39AM >>>
Presumably copying them works?
What about copying them, then deleting them- does that work?

In which case I believe the only explanations I can think of are
(i) they are in your classpath
(ii) they have become included in a later classpath
(iii) they are now locked either due to Ant, or another process running
the system
(iv) if they are on a different machine, there can be problems.. (the
obvious ones for a start)
(v) you dont have permission to delete these files (unlikely)

Just a few suggestions for starting points


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