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From Ying Wang <>
Subject jsp precompile with weblogic5.1 and ant1.4
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 05:14:53 GMT
Hello Everyone,
   The situation is I got serveral ways , but none of them solve the

   1. I use weblogic.jspc (5.1) and ant 1.4 :
   Source code :

<target name="jspcompile" >
 <apply executable="java">
 <arg line="weblogic.jspc -compiler javac -g -d ${client}/web/WEB-INF
-docroot ${client}/web -classpath ${jspc-classpath} -verbose }"/>
 <fileset dir="${client}/web/fit" includes="**/*.jsp/**"/>

   This one does compile jsp pages and the geverated java files. But it
can not check if the jsp have changed. How to make it check the uptodate
for each jsp file? I use the uptodate, but I need to go through all the
jsp. Then I have problem to use for each.

   And the weblogic server still generate the java file. How to
stop it?

  2. I try to use ant1.5, but the ejbjar task won't work!!!
     [ejbjar] Unable to load dependency analyzer:

   Also the <wljspc> won't work too!!!
   Source code:
<target name="jspcompile3" >
  <wljspc src="${client}/web/fit" dest="${client}/web/fit/WEB-INF"
package="Authenticate.jsp" classpath="${jspc-classpath}"/>

  The error is:

 [wljspc] The args attribute is deprecated. Please use nested arg

   And I read the document , that is what I am using

Need help!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot,
Ying Wang

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