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From "Geoff Meakin" <>
Subject ANT 1.4.1 to ANT 1.5
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 13:50:37 GMT

Im hoping someone can help me with what to do here-
I want to migrate my ANT 1.4.1 build system to ANT 1.5, but because
of the immutable properties new "functionality" that exists in 1.5, 
its going to break some of my existing system, so I need a workaround
or a good idea.

My existing system has a lot of very similar "modules", a selection
of which have to be built. There is a lot of debug output, which 
is very similar except for the module name the debug is relevant to,
so I have "parameterized" the debug with ${} which I reset
every time a module is called. When something goes wrong a debug
target is called, which finds the correct msg, inserts ${}
in the correct place and hey presto, you get useful information as
to whats gone wrong. Because the software relies on other systems,
which sometimes upgrade, I have the easy facility of changing 1 
debug message, and in which ever module this occurs, it gets displayed
(rather than having to change loads of debug all over the place)

How can I change this to work with ANT1.5 ? Will it still work? Is
there a workaround? putting in loads of debug per module is not really
an option- my buildfile is >MBytes big!!
(but I dont mind modifying to a different structure if it means I can
use ANT1.5)

Hope someone can help- thanks (see trivial example below)

(old ANT1.4.1)

<target name="main" depends="A,B"/>
<target name="A">
  <condition property="" value="A"><and/></condition>
  ...something goes wrong
  <antcall target="debug">
<target name="B">
  <condition property="" value="B"><and/></condition>
  ...something goes wrong
  <antcall target="debug">

<target name="debug">
  <echo message="Something went wrong in ${}"/>

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