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Subject Help with designing Tibco Interface builds
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 23:24:53 GMT
Put on the spot right today, It's august 9th, and I got to have everything tested and ready
by the 22nd, and I've decided to use Ant as my main release tool, and I'm a real novice at
this Ant stuff, no wonder I'm panicking right now.

To top that, I'm the only knowledgeable Ant person in the team. Tough job when it's done and
I try to explain it to them.

This Tibco project has 25 independent interfaces (or components used interchangeably here),
plus 1 common/shared component. I should be able to say: build interface1 intf5 and intf15
for example

The directory structure is like this


The shared component has its own rule, and there is nothing out of the ordinary.

The 25 component builds use the same rules. The only difference is the top directory for the
interface and probably some other properties (they said none, but I know better: they'll be
coming later).

Question 1: How would I design my build.xml? I do not see how I can parametrize a task like
a function call and pass it the top directory of the interface and maybe lateron other properties
(I'm still very much scripting in my mind). Or do I copy the same build.xml to each interface
and call it from the top level interface?

The build has some C++ and Java build part: that part, I feel a little more confident. It's
what comes below that bothers me.

Each directory has a MATRIX of where to deliver the files.
For example:
development:.../config/aaaa should go to machine1:/xxx/aaaa
development:.../custom/bbbb should go to machine1:/yyy/bbbb and machine3:/zzz/bbbb
and lots of that kind of combination.

How would you handle that? I'm tempted to do it in Perl, since I'm already familiar with it.

We use Clearcase, and there is a step to checkout certain files, fill in some info, check
it back in. I know there is a clearcase task. What do I gain in using the clearcase task over
writing a perl script myself?

Mea culpa, nobody forces me to use Ant (1.5), now I need to be saved.


Suu Quan
Configuration Management & Release Engineering
Agilent Technologies
Bldg 53, Post F4 (408)553-4338 (untill further notice)
Bldg 54, Post P4 (408)553-7155 (don't use)
            cell (408)420-6687
5301 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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