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From "Steve Cohen" <>
Subject Too wierd - Property "forgetting"
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 01:11:12 GMT
Heck of a thing to find first day back from vacation:

A colleague and I are both running the same version of ant, version 1.5Beta3.

We are running ant over the same scripts.

Script A makes an <ant> call to script B.  

Script A calls the following target: (located in script B):

    <target name="sportsbean">
        <antcall target="checkout">
            <param name="projectroot" value="${root}/sportsbean"/>
            <param name="ST.proj" value = "SportsBean" />
            <param name="ST.view" value = "${sportsbean.vers}" />
            <param name="ST.folder" value = "/sportsbean" />
            <param name="ST.label" value = "${sportsbean.lbl}" />


Previously defined in script B are these properties:
    <property name="sportsbean.vers" value="Version 5.1"/>
    <property name="sportsbean.lbl" value=""/>

The definition of the "checkout" target (located in script B) is as follows:

    <target name="checkout">
        <mkdir dir="${projectroot}"/>
        <delete dir="${projectroot}"/>
        <echo message="Checking out from:"/>
        <echo message="  Project: ${ST.proj}"/>
        <echo message="  View: ${ST.view}"/>
        <echo message="  Folder: ${ST.folder}"/>
        <echo message="  Label: ${ST.label}"/>
        <stcheckout servername="${ST.server}"

Never mind the optional <stcheckout> task which is probably unfamiliar.  The problem
I am grappling with is far more troubling and puzzling because it is merely a question of
property definition:

Notice the five echo calls.

In my colleague's run of this script, the following output is produced by these calls.  This
is the output I would expect.

Checking out from:   
  Project: SportsBean
  View: Version 5.1  
  Folder: /sportsbean

In my run of the same script, this is the output of the same script, run with the same parameters.

Checking out from:
  Project: SportsBean
  Folder: /sportsbean

The key difference is the blank content of the ${ST.view} parameter.
Again, to reiterate: there is no difference between the way my colleague is running this script
and the way I am.  Nothing in either script, the command line, or any property file defines
the the ${sportsbean.vers} property (which feeds the ${ST.view} param) other than the single
line in script B where it is defined.

I am completely at a loss to explain these results.  It seems as though my run of the scripts
causing the ${sportsbean.vers} property to be "forgotten" across the <antcall> in my
case but not in my colleague's case.

Does anyone know of any bugs in ant version 1.5Beta3 that could account for these results,
or can anyone think of something that I am overlooking, which could cause them?

Steve Cohen
Sr. Software Engineer
Ignite Sports, Inc.

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