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From Gilson Nascimento D Elrei <>
Subject I can't to generate the jar file in this sample...
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 19:02:33 GMT
I have the follow directory structure on my C: Drive, with one 1 source file
entitle :
          |-----build.xml                           << The Ant File
          |__ classes 
          |     |
          |     |__org
          |         |
          |         |__varnam
          |-- src
          |    |
          |    |__org
          |         |
          |         |__varnam
          |              |
          |              |               <<-- my souce sample

Now, i want to compile, put the class file generated on
Work\Hello\classes\org\varnam and finally generate the jar file from the
previous class file generated and copy it to work\hello\jars directory.
It's simple and i got to compile it and generate the class file
(hello.class),  but the target Jar fail, but i don't receive some error
message. The Ant return a successfull message on dos box with only two
targets concluded (Init and build targets).
Below is my build.xml source file:

<!-- C:\work\hello is my initial basedir -->

<project name="hello" default="build" basedir=".">
	<target name="init">
		<property name="jardir" value="jars"/>
		<property name="Src" value="src"/>
		<property name="Dest" value="classes"/>
	<target name="build" depends="init">
		<javac srcdir="${Src}" destdir="${Dest}"
				<pathelement location="${Src}"/>
	<target name="jar" depends="build">
                <jar destfile="${jardir}/hello.jar" basedir="${Dest}"
includes="org/varnam/**" />

thanks for any comments.



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