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From "Chris Bailey" <>
Subject Suggestions for building modular projects?
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:55:08 GMT
I'm wondering what people suggest for this kind of build situation...  I
have a core application that we build with Ant now.  We are then creating a
lot of "modules", or plug-ins for the application.  Each of these modules
are very similar, i.e. their builds are essentially the same exact process,
but some of the source files are different, and the name of the resulting
output file (jar or exe) is different, etc.

I've wondered about these types of things:
- brute force: just make a build.xml for each one
- near brute force: one build.xml that has a target for each, or close to
- Dynamically generate a build.xml for each one somehow (XSLT task?)
- Single module_build.xml, where build.xml iterates each directory, sets
some properties, and then calls module_build.xml (passing the properties)

What have people used, what do they like/dislike, what's the easiest, what's
the most slick?

Chris Bailey
Code Intensity

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