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From Suresh Babu Koya <>
Subject RE: loading resources repeatedly
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 15:18:34 GMT
After the first message if found the resource and
the Ant trace is 

Finding class com.quark.dit.common.error.QTEngineErrors
>>"ResourceStream for com/dit/common/error/ loaded
from ant loader"<<

and then again in the next statement it is 

Finding class com.quark.dit.common.error.QTEngineErrors_en
>>Couldn't load ResourceStream for

I dont think Java behaves this way. If I already get the resource why would
java try to load resource 
again with another name.

>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Ken Gentle []
>>Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 8:42 PM
>>To: Ant Users List
>>Subject: Re: loading resources repeatedly
>>That's no bug -- It's a Feature! A feature of Java Resource 
>>Bundles to be 
>>Without looking at the implementation, that trace you send is 
>>indicative of 
>>use of a ResourceBundle, which will do a search for a locale specific 
>>bundle first, before defaulting to the the "generic" one.
>>If Ant is failing, it is most likely because the resource 
>>bundles aren't 
>>available in the classpath.
>>At 10:32 AM 8/20/2002, you wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>    Why does Ant try to load resources again and again. Here 
>>is the the Debug
>>>info of the ant script that I have executed. Though the 
>>resources are loaded
>>>   the script fails bcoz ant tries to see something that 
>>doesnt exist....
>>>If u see the info it is pretty evident from  the messages 
>>below. I am using
>>>Ant 1.5. Is this a bug or I am wrong somewhere....
>>>Finding class com.quark.dit.common.error.QTCustomError
>>>Class com.dit.common.error.QTCustomError loaded from ant loader
>>>Class java.util.Locale loaded from parent loader
>>>Class java.lang.StringBuffer loaded from parent loader
>>>Class java.lang.String loaded from parent loader
>>>Finding class com.quark.dit.common.error.QTEngineErrors
>>>ResourceStream for 
>>com/dit/common/error/ loaded
>>>from ant loader
>>>Finding class com.quark.dit.common.error.QTEngineErrors_en
>>>Couldn't load ResourceStream for
>>>Finding class com.dit.common.error.QTEngineErrors_en_US
>>>Couldn't load ResourceStream for
>>>Finding class CreateMap
>>>ResourceStream for loaded from ant loader
>>>Finding class CreateMap_en
>>>Couldn't load ResourceStream for
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