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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: zipping a single file
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 14:54:41 GMT
Andrew van Renen wrote:
> 1. I obviously don't fully understand the 'includes' attribute: the 
> manual says "...list of patterns of files" - does that mean then that it 
> acts only as a filter and so requires further definitions with 
> <include/exclude> elements?

includes/excludes attributes are merged together with the ones specified 
by <include>/<exclude> elements.  They require no further definition, 
and is a matter of preference to some extent or necessity if you're 
using if/unless on the elements.

> 2. 'CVS version of Ant' - so not part of the 1.5 build then.  Is it 
> going to be a part of the next release, or does this mean that there are 
> all sorts bits and pieces that only (and forever) exist on SourceForge 
> (so requiring a manual extraction and build to make use of them)?

Yes, it will be part of the next release version of Ant, but do not hold 
your breath.  It was almost a year between the releases of Ant 1.4 and 
Ant 1.5.  Most folks aren't quite as adventurous as me, but I run the 
CVS version of Ant - but its not trivial to build a full-version of it 
so be careful with the optional tasks which may or may not get compiled 
into optional.jar depending on whether you have the dependencies available.


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