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From Anakreon Mejdi <>
Subject Re: Really puzzled
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 10:52:02 GMT
ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME should also be exported.
In your home directory should exist a file called .bash_profile.
Open it with a text editor and write
ANT_HOME=The directory where ant is installed
JAVA_HOME= The directory where jdk is

save the file and type
source ~/.bash_profile

Whenever you loggin those enviroment variables will be present

Bob Hays, Computer Geek wrote:

> I just looked in my 1.4.1 installation and there is indeed a script called
> "ant" in the bin directory.  However, you do need to put that directory onto
> your PATH just like in Windows, just with a minor change of path separator
> character (on UNIXen, use colon, not semicolon).
> So, assuming you're using bash as your shell (most Linuxen seem to ship that
> way today), you should do:
> export PATH=${PATH}:{installation base directory}/bin
> cd {directory with build.xml file}
> ant
> where {installation base directory} is where you installed ant and
> {directory with build.xml file} is probably self-explanitory:-).
> If that doesn't work, please drop back which version of ant you're using and
> a "deep" directory listing of your installation (you can do
> ls -r
> I believe, to get a recursive listing - use
> man ls
> to get help with the directory command for linux).
> Hope that helps.  Have fun! - Bob
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>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Pat []
>>Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 5:13 AM
>>Subject: Really puzzled
>>I have successfully installed Ant on my Windows machine and used
>>it to rebuild
>>some code I have modified (the Grinder), worked great  :)
>>Also have now installed Ant on my new Linux (RedHat) machine,
>>however I am a
>>Linux newbie and am completely stumped as to how to use it   :(
>>The documentation quite clearly states that after the
>>installation it is as
>>simple as typing   ant   (in a directory that contains a build.xml)
>>but there is no unix shell script by the name of   ant
>>there is ant.bat and that works fine on the Windows machine, and
>>there are
>>perl and python scripts ( and but as I noted the
>>documentation is quite explicit,  "type  ant",  and there is no
>>differentiation based on OS (that I can find), I have even downloaded an
>>earlier version of ant just in case the shell script had been lost in my
>>first attempt.
>>I am sure there is a very simple answer, but I have read the
>>forward, back and sideways.  My apologies for asking basic linux/unix
>>questions on this list, but this has me really puzzled as to what
>>I am not
>>Many thanks,
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