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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Really puzzled
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 10:25:18 GMT
There is an "ant" file in the bin directory of the Ant installation.  I 
symlinked (see ln command) that into a directory in my path to get it 
enabled on my Linux and Mac OS X boxes.

Do you not have a file simply called "ant" in the ANT_HOME/bin 
directory?  If not, then the distribution you installed is incorrect. 
You may need to set it with execute permissions also (see chmod command).


Pat wrote:
> Hi
> I have successfully installed Ant on my Windows machine and used it to rebuild 
> some code I have modified (the Grinder), worked great  :)
> Also have now installed Ant on my new Linux (RedHat) machine, however I am a 
> Linux newbie and am completely stumped as to how to use it   :(
> The documentation quite clearly states that after the installation it is as 
> simple as typing   ant   (in a directory that contains a build.xml)  
> but there is no unix shell script by the name of   ant    
> there is ant.bat and that works fine on the Windows machine, and there are 
> perl and python scripts ( and but as I noted the 
> documentation is quite explicit,  "type  ant",  and there is no 
> differentiation based on OS (that I can find), I have even downloaded an 
> earlier version of ant just in case the shell script had been lost in my 
> first attempt.
> I am sure there is a very simple answer, but I have read the documentation 
> forward, back and sideways.  My apologies for asking basic linux/unix 
> questions on this list, but this has me really puzzled as to what I am not 
> understanding.
> Many thanks,
> Pat.
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