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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Did we know that zipfileset does not take if/unless?
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 21:59:11 GMT
Hi, all.

I did a quick search of bugzilla and the mailing list archives, and did 
not spot this one.

In a jar task, I would like to do:

       <zipfileset dir="${}" includes="images/*" 

so that if there is a directory named images in the filesystem, and they 
have not set jar.ignoreImages, then there will be a directory in the 
resulting jar file that contains the images in that directory.

In other words, if the file system is:


the jar will contain


The above works just fine, except that the if and unless attributes of 
the underlying fileset/patternset are not recognized.

(I used zipfileset so that I have access to the special zipfileset 
extensions.  I have things relative to the root so that I am covered if 
the images directory does not exist.)


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