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From Joel Rees <>
Subject Re: Unsubscribing
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:34:44 GMT
> What Email client are you using?


It's not free, there's no calendar/schedule fluff, and it's not as
smooth as Outlook Express can be, but it beats OE all hollow about the
irregular stuff (like not running macro viruses for you, and like
filtering out the unnecessary parts of standard links).

> I've tried IE 5,

That's OE.

> GroupWise 6, TWIG
> and webmail (both Email clients)

Aha! Productivity and collaboration software! Well, I guess you won't be
interested in Becky, since Becky is a dedicated mail client.

> and even Netscape 4.5.

4.5? From some CD, I suppose? 4.78 is the current download.

I do use the mail client in Netscape sometimes, but not often for lists.

Wait. I'm being OT.

> All using the
> same from Email, no Emails bounced, no replies, no response or
> acknowledgment at all.
> I just tried again and cut and paste the Email you unsubscribed from
> above. You received an unsubscribed response in 1 minute. I've been
> waiting 15 and still nothing.

15 minutes is a little on the long side. (One minute is a little on the
fast side.)

> Sorry to all those wading through this off topic issue. I've been using
> UseNET and mail lists for over a decade now and this is the most
> difficulty I've had. So this is rare, and I tried everything I could think
> of before sinking to this post.
> I'm hoping the previous email from Conor to will
> remedy this situation.
> Once again, sorry for the diversion to all Ant User list members.
> BJ

Hmm. How about sending me a copy of your headers off-list, BJ? I really
can't do anything with them, but I'm curious.

Joel Rees <>

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