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From Joe Tomcat <>
Subject Ant and scp/ssh
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2002 23:29:11 GMT
Hi, I am new to the world of Ant, and I have found that it is a
fantastic tool for managing Java projects, large and small.  I'll go
back to using make about the same time I go back to using C.

Anyway, I have one suggestion/request: Ant has tasks for ftp and
telnet.  That is useful but unfortunately those two protocols are
deprecated.  How about a task for scp and ssh?  I have been able to do
both of those with no problem using an <exec> task with the right public
key file options but it would still be cool if this had native support
in Ant.  I realize there is not yet a native Java ssh client so maybe
this is the problem.

It is pretty cool to set up a .ssh/authorized_keys file on the server
machine, and have a line like this:

command="tomcat4 start" rsa-key......

and then have a task in Ant which execs ssh -i start-tomcat-key

That way I never have to leave my development environment to control
everything that's going on, and there's no compromise to security.

Thanks for the great tool!

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