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From Joey Reid <>
Subject Re: loadfile target doesn't like "<"
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 12:56:37 GMT
sorry to reply to my own post ;-) (but it was thursday when I sent it,
and I am just seeing it on the list today -monday)

it seems the angle bracket was not the problem. for fun, I copied the
the file and loaded the copy. weird! so this code works...

<record name="DeployedList.txt" action="stop"/>
	<copy file="DeployedList.txt" tofile="Deployed.txt"/>
	<loadfile srcFile="Deployed.txt" property="deployedlist"/>

but this doesn't...

<record name="DeployedList.txt" action="stop"/>
	<loadfile srcFile="DeployedList.txt" property="deployedlist"/>

is this a known issue, or am i doing something wrong, or what?

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 17:59, Joey Reid wrote:
> hi, everyone. i am new to this list, so be nice ;-)
> i am trying to automate a deployment of my company's software with ant,
> but currently i am running into a problem using the loadfile task. i am
> running a particular task and recording the output, and then trying to
> load that file as a property (using loadfile) so that i can test the
> output. it doesn't seem to work - it may be worth noting that the text
> contains angle brackets. Is that my problem? and if so, how can i get
> around it.
> the text is the output from a weblogic.deploy task, it looks like this:
> [java] wl_management_internal1 <DEPLOYED>, source:
> .\config\mydomain\.wlstaging components: wl_management_internal1
>      [java] wl_management_internal2 <DEPLOYED>, source:
> .\config\mydomain\.wlstaging components: wl_management_internal2
>      [java] DefaultWebApp <DEPLOYED>, source:
> .\config\mydomain\applications components: DefaultWebApp
>      [java] certificate <DEPLOYED>, source:
> .\config\mydomain\applications components: certificate
>      [java] Platform <DEPLOYED>, source:
> .\config\mydomain\.wlstaging\Platform.ear components:
> DEPLOYABLE_PlatformPCSecurity,DEPLOYABLE_PlatformPCPreference,DEPLOYABLE_PlatformBCConsumerProfile,DEPLOYABLE_PlatformBCAccount,DEPLOYABLE_IdGeneratorEJB,DEPLOYABLE_PlatformBCClientDevice
>      [java] console <DEPLOYED>, source: .\config\mydomain\.wlstaging
> components: console
>      [java] 6 deployments.
> thanks
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