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From "Reilly, Jim" <>
Subject RE: VSS and FailOnError (Question/Request)
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 21:02:46 GMT

Yes, there is currently no search capability.

It has:
vssget - Retrieves a copy of the specified VSS file(s).
vsslabel - Assigns a label to the specified version or current version of a
file or project.
vsshistory - Shows the history of a file or project in VSS.
vsscheckin - Updates VSS with changes made to a checked out file, and
unlocks the VSS master copy.
vsscheckout - Copies a file from the current project to the current folder,
for the purpose of editing.
vssadd - Adds a new file into the VSS Archive
vsscp - Change the current project being used in VSS
vsscreate - Creates a project in VSS.

and I would like to use something like:
	(2 kinds: WildCard and Status)

James M. Reilly

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From: Martin Gainty []
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: VSS and FailOnError (Question/Request)


Did you check out the Ant tasks for VSS

Keep us apprised,
Martin Gainty

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>Subject: VSS and FailOnError (Question/Request) 
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>1) Does anyone have or know where I could get the a task for: Microsoft 
>Visual SourceSafe Tasks (in Optional), that would in essence do a VSS
>on Status on a given Project and subs? 
>(If not, could this be added as a requirement for the next release of Ant?)

>I would just like to report, say to a warning file, a list of files 
>currently checked out at the time of a build: vss-getlatestversion,
>jar, buildnumber, and vss-label. 
>2) Just a request for the next release of Ant: Could all "File Tasks" have 
>the attribute "failonerror" like does. For example: is 
>missing it. 
>James M. Reilly 
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