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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: <target A depends="B,C,D"/> vs. <dependset> (new to ant)
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 16:56:27 GMT

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From: "Duane Mattos" <>
To: "'Ant Users List' (E-mail)" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 8:14 AM
Subject: <target A depends="B,C,D"/> vs. <dependset> (new to ant)

> If I understand correctly <target A depend"B,C,D"/> will execute the B,C &
> unless some 'if' or 'unless' property is set.  A target task doesn't know
> it creates, or whether what it creates exists, unless you set a property
> 'telling' it so.

target dependencies dont worry about the dependencies of 'artifacts', so
much as the order things take place. Individual tasks are meant to worry
about their own dependency checking. Most tasks -java, ftp, copy, do so, so
you dont need to explicitly worry about artifacts. This is upside down from
make where you state the dependencies between artifacts and let the runtime
decide what gets done.

> So it seems that if you want to want to build A if-and-only-if B,C,D are
> (or don't exist) you need to set a property using <uptodate>.

you are still thinking in makefile terms. B, C and D are stages in the build
process, like compile, copy, jar; each of which should deal with itself.

Usually the only time ot use <uptodate> is when trying to bypass something
slow -like not rerunning the unit tests if the source and data files are

> On the other hand
> if B,C,D are newer than A, the most elegant way of deleting A if any of
B,C, or
> D are new is through the use of a  dependset.

well 'newer' is the wrong concept here. Ant knows that A must run after B, C
and D, so when you run A it calls B C &D in that order, unless they have
their own dependency rules. tasks in the target work out dependencies for

> It feels more natural to me if a target 'knows' what it creates, and that
> it creates, or its product(s), 'belong(s)' to itself.

You are clearly an experienced makefile user. Ant has a different philosophy
from make, which is often better, though sometimes not as convenient as a
few simple rules.

> Would it be violating some Ant philosophy if a <target>  had some property
> indicating what file or fileset it creates?

yes, as suddenly you have moved into a file centric view of the world. How
you encompass tasks that ftp up to a remote server, or make changes inside a
jar, or actually delete files in their process?

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