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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Too wierd - Property "forgetting"
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:17:31 GMT

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From: "Steve Cohen" <>
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Cc: "David Adams" <>; "David Chelimsky"
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 6:54 AM
Subject: RE: Too wierd - Property "forgetting"

I've delved a little further into this, and this is what appears to be
happening (and which I didn't mention in my earlier post):

Script A is making REPEATED calls to different targets in Script B.  Script
B defines
${sportsbean.vers} as a project-level property (and many other ${xxx.vers}
properties as well).
It appears that the problem is that when calls are repeatedly made from one
ant script to another,
the values of these project-level properties is being forgotten.  That is,
the project-level properties are not properly evaluated on each trip

>I am still puzzled as to why this happens only for me and not my colleague.
We are running the same version >of ant, from the same vanilla build script
that came with ant, and all the jars that ant uses are the same, coming
>from the ant/lib directory and there is no interference from the external

do an ant -version to make sure that you are running the same version on
both boxes; one looks more like a 1.4 instance to me

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