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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Help with designing Tibco Interface builds
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 23:51:07 GMT

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Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 4:24 PM
Subject: Help with designing Tibco Interface builds

> Put on the spot right today, It's august 9th, and I got to have everything
tested and ready by the 22nd, and I've decided to use Ant as my main release
tool, and I'm a real novice at this Ant stuff, no wonder I'm panicking right

time to panic then.

> To top that, I'm the only knowledgeable Ant person in the team. Tough job
when it's done and I try to explain it to them.
> This Tibco project has 25 independent interfaces (or components used
interchangeably here), plus 1 common/shared component. I should be able to
say: build interface1 intf5 and intf15 for example
> The directory structure is like this
> root/
>     /shared
>     /interface1
>     ...
>     /interface25

seems ok

> Question 1: How would I design my build.xml? I do not see how I can
parametrize a task like a function call and pass it the top directory of the
interface and maybe lateron other properties (I'm still very much scripting
in my mind). Or do I copy the same build.xml to each interface and call it
from the top level interface?

I'd consider a separate build file for each interface (assuming it has code
underneath). If the steps to build each file are essential the same, then
you could avoid that by having a parameter driven target in your single
build file that does the work.

For separate files, use <ant>, for a parameterised single file, use
<antcall> to call targets; in either case they are like subroutines where
defined properties dont trickle back up.

> The build has some C++ and Java build part: that part, I feel a little
more confident. It's what comes below that bothers me.
> Each directory has a MATRIX of where to deliver the files.
> For example:
> development:.../config/aaaa should go to machine1:/xxx/aaaa
> development:.../custom/bbbb should go to machine1:/yyy/bbbb and
> and lots of that kind of combination.
> How would you handle that? I'm tempted to do it in Perl, since I'm already
familiar with it.

well, you can call ant from perl.

to configure ant I'd use a property file in each directory (or even an xmlf
ile with <xmlproperty>), and have ant load it in to get customisation

> We use Clearcase, and there is a step to checkout certain files, fill in
some info, check it back in. I know there is a clearcase task. What do I
gain in using the clearcase task over writing a perl script myself?

you can do it inside the build file.

> 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd

I recognise that road. Is that the one that off i280 that heads towards the

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