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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Ant and scp/ssh
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 06:03:53 GMT

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From: "Joe Tomcat" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2002 16:29
Subject: Ant and scp/ssh

> Hi, I am new to the world of Ant, and I have found that it is a
> fantastic tool for managing Java projects, large and small.  I'll go
> back to using make about the same time I go back to using C.
> Anyway, I have one suggestion/request: Ant has tasks for ftp and
> telnet.  That is useful but unfortunately those two protocols are
> deprecated.  How about a task for scp and ssh?  I have been able to do
> both of those with no problem using an <exec> task with the right public
> key file options but it would still be cool if this had native support
> in Ant.

> I realize there is not yet a native Java ssh client so maybe
> this is the problem.

there is; GPL copy on

So all that is left is someone to write a task to wrap it. Being GPL it
could never be part of the ant distro, but it could be pointed to from the
web site.
> It is pretty cool to set up a .ssh/authorized_keys file on the server
> machine, and have a line like this:
> command="tomcat4 start" rsa-key......
> and then have a task in Ant which execs ssh -i start-tomcat-key
> serverhost.
> That way I never have to leave my development environment to control
> everything that's going on, and there's no compromise to security.

If you have the private keys on a system you've put a chink in the security,
and if you have that system running build files from SCM, then you have to
stop the SCM from being compromised too. But that latter problem exists with
all server side projects, to a greater or lesser extent.

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