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From "William E. Kempf" <>
Subject Building a Classpath
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 16:35:21 GMT
The problem:  there's a text file using a proprietary format that defines a
classpath needed for building that I want parsed from an Ant script.

The current solution:  I've written a custom Ant task that parses the file
and constructs a classpath string which is assigned to a user specified ant

This works fine, but I'm wondering if there's a better solution.  For
instance, should the task create a classpathref, and if so how do you code
that?  Would it be possible to extend <classpath> somehow to work with this
text file?

I'm new enough to ant development that I don't even know if I'm formulating
these questions correctly.  So, I guess I'm looking for input/insight into
how best to deal with the problem as stated.

Bill Kempf

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