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From Dave Rathnow <>
Subject RE: Problems on Win2K with CVSChangeLog task when run under Sched uler
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 23:55:10 GMT

>You could also run <available> before 
> <cvschangelog> to assert
> whether it's found, to fail more gracefully when it's not. 

I don't think this will help since, according to the stack trace,
the cvschangelog task is running.  I walked through the source code
and found where it's dying.  The error seems to be in the forked 
process.  Unfortunately, Ant doesn't give up the error that's being 
generated, it only hurls a stack trace.  Is there any way to get the
output from the forked process?

BTW: here is the cvschangelog task I'm using:

<cvschangelog destfile="${reports_dir}/CvsChangeLog/CvsDailyChangeLog.xml"
                      dir="${checkout_dir}/WMX/Projects/IpAnywhere" />

W. Dave Rathnow
Wireless Matrix Corporation 
Calgary, AB

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