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From Eddie Bernard <>
Subject RE: ejbjar: unable to load dependency analyzer
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 16:21:02 GMT
Although I haven't had the same problem, you may want to check your
optional.jar to see if the _AncenstorAnalyzer_ class is in fact in there.

Looking at your diagnostic output, it looks like you have the correct
versions of ant.jar and optional.jar for Ant 1.5.  BTW- are these the binary
distributions or did you compile it yourself?

>From what I can tell, it seems that the classloader cannot find this
particular class -- if you are still using "dependency=super" (i.e. the

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From: Bridges,Edward []
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 8:58 AM
To: Diane Holt; Ant Users List
Subject: RE: ejbjar: unable to load dependency analyzer

thanks for the response.  i had actually tried all of those things, and the
FullAnalyzer class is in fact in optional.jar and optional.jar is on the

it's quite puzzling, since someone else had posted this problem and reported
that they had fixed it by adding bcel.jar onto the classpath (which, of
course, i've done too.  it's the most recent version, and there's no
specification in the ant docs about what version should be used).

anyone else have an idea?


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From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 11:47 AM
To: Ant Users List
Cc: Bridges,Edward
Subject: Re: FW: ejbjar: unable to load dependency analyzer

--- "Bridges,Edward" <> wrote:
> i sent this out yesterday, but am not sure if it made it to the list.

It made it. Unfortunately, our resident expert on the EJB stuff is
currently on something of a sabbatical from the ant-* lists, so I'm not
sure if anyone's around out there who could really help much. (For myself,
I know next to nothing about EJB.)

The best I could do is point you to where in the code the error output is
coming from, which is from a catch block in createAnalyzer() in
.../taskdefs/optional/ejb/ I suppose as a
starting point, you could at least verify that your optional.jar file has
in it:
since that looks to be what it's trying for.

You might also want to try changing what you have 'dependency' set to and
seeing if that causes different results.



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