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From "Chris Bailey" <>
Subject how to do automated builds with email, etc.
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 17:23:58 GMT
I'd like to set up automated nightly builds with our Ant based builds.  My
thought is to be able to put a line like the following in as a cron job:

    ant nightly-build -l build.log

The target itself does a get from CVS, clean, full build, and then emails
the results, i.e. the "build.log" file.  Two questions related to this:

1) I don't suppose there's any way to delay the email so that I get the
truly complete build.log file?  Right now it's basically complete since the
<email> task happens last, but the last couple lines are usually somewhat
garbled (since Ant is still writing to it, but it's being attached to the
email Ant is sending).

2) What other ways do people do this kind of thing?  I realize I could
probably do the email as a separate task and use a cron line like:

   ant nightly-build -l build.log; ant email-results

Or similar, but I like the idea that the <email> task is encapsulated with
the nightly-build task as that's really the semantics of it.

Chris Bailey
Code Intensity

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