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From "Matt Lyon" <>
Subject Inventory
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 17:19:39 GMT

Is anybody aware of an Ant task floating around to produce an inventory or manifest of files
that are being built and included in a given project? I have been tasked with generating an
inventory of all of the files in our product and generating a checksum for all of the files,
using some sort of CRC solution. I was checking out Ant's <checksum> task, which seems
to provide the checksum functionality I'm after, but I'm less certain on how to approach creation
of the manifest or inventory. One approach might be to do a find . -name * - print >>
inventory.txt, but we have test code in our source tree that I would like to exclude. I'd
prefer an Ant-based solution if possible, but I can evaluate a crc tool if necessary. Any
suggestion would be greatly appreciated!



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