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From <>
Subject RE: Checking the version of Ant
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 18:08:17 GMT

> Wouldn't it be easier still to just use a listener that sends mail, 
> rather than relying on the <mail> task? Since you're sending mail 
> about mismatched versions, presumably you also want to send 
> > build-results mail when the versions do match and things run.

I'm not sending mail about mismatched versions, it's just that my 
buildfile uses the 1.5 <mail> task in one of the targets (not called 
as part of my version check) and Ant1.4.1 throws up when confronted 
with the new <mail> task.

I send the build results via email, as well as JUnit test results 
(JUnitReport) and a few other important things (build.xml,, etc.)  I haven't implemented the mail listener 
solution yet as I'm just moving across to 1.5 now...

> The other alternative would be to use the <mimemail> task. It's 
> deprecated for 1.5, but not gone, and you'll only see the DEPRECATED 
> output if you actually run it (ie., when the versions don't match).

I don't wait to get the deprecated message each time, and I like the 
neatness of the new 1.5 <mail> task.

> Out of curiosity -- assuming this check is done before anything gets 
> run, what set of files would you have at that point to send anyway?

Like I said, it's not that I'm trying to mail at that point, just that 
Ant1.4.1 doesn't support <fileset> in <mail>.

Thanks for your feedback!


Andrew Beacock
Principal Software Engineer

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