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From "Suettenbach, Roger" <>
Subject Out of memory error when using external compiler
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 12:29:02 GMT

I'm having memory problems :) when using the Clover Coverage tool. The
following output should illustrate this.

C:\project>ant with.clover default junit
Buildfile: build.xml


    [javac] Since build.compiler setting isn't classic or modern, ignoring
fork setting.
    [javac] Compiling 1139 source files
   [clover] Clover Version 0.6b, built on June 26 2002
   [clover] Updating database at './doc/clover/fs_coverage.db'
   [clover] Clover all over. Instrumented 1139 files.
    [javac] The compiler has run out of memory.  Consider using the
"-J-mx<number>" command line option to increase the maximum heap size.


My definitions for 'with.clover' and 'default' in the build.xml file are

<target name="with.clover">
    <!-- switch on clover by specifying it as the compiler to use -->
    <property name="build.compiler"

<target name="default" description="--> compiles all source files">
    <javac classpathref="libpath" debug="on" deprecation="on" fork="true">

         <src path="${src}"/>
         <src path="${test}"/>

My problem is that jdk1.3 doesn't support the -J-mx option, so that I cannot
use e.g. the 'memoryInitialSize' attribute. I also have no possibility to
pass additional options to the CloverCompilerAdaper.

Has anybody an idea how to increase the memory for an external compiler?


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