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From Fei Sha <>
Subject Re: Newbie question, recursive task invocation
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:28:45 GMT

sorry, the previous message is incomplete

Thanks Diane for the response. I was looking for a simple way to
do a sequence of tasks. Now that I looked closer at what I really need.
I'm afraid I need to write my own tasks.

what I need/trying to do is:

1. A TaskContainer that holds some java objects to be shared by
some specific tasks.

2. These specific tasks:
         a. share the objects hold by the TaskContainer
         b. can be executed in any combination/order.

3. The whole TaskContainer is executed against
the contents of each sub-directory (I use a MatchingTask to get the
list of the sub-dirs and repeat the execution of the taskContainer in
each sub-dir).

Now I write the TaskContainer class and some Task classes. All shared objects
are created at the Container initialization time. The tasks then use 
to reach the TaskContainer and cast it to a specific interface to access 
the shared objects.

Now I have a problem. If I define the tasks in the build.xml file with 
<taskdef>, the tasks
do not have the same classloader thus they can not cast the TaskContainer.

For now I put all the specific taskdefs in a resource file and load the
task definitions when executing the TaskContainer. This time the tasks
have the same class loader than the TaskContainer but, I still need to declare
the tasks in build.xml so that ant doesn't complain task not found.

Is there a better solution to do this?



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