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From John Caron <>
Subject Re: about books available on ant
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:54:15 GMT
The oreilly book is better than nothing, but i am disapointed in it. the people 
who wrote it are quite knowledgeable but i think they never vetted it against 
real users. they dont fully document all the possible command contents, and 
their index is very sparse, which is fatal as a reference book.

for example, i want to set an argument for the JVM in the <java> command. the 
only reference on page 152 is to see the "argument data type" in Chapter 4. Why 
in the world dont they just document the <jvmarg> element? "jvmarg" does not 
apear in the index, so i get to thumb through chapter 4, which i read once 
through 2 months ago. well, it doesnt mention <jvmarg> but i assume its the same 
as <arg>, except its for the JVM. when i use it, i get the message from ant:

      [java] JVM args ignored when same JVM is used.

what so you suppose that means? the oreilly book doesnt say, so im kind of dead 
in the water.

i realize these are just minor problems of learning ant, but thats why i buy 
these kinds of books, even a few hours saved is worth $50.

I just found out about the manning book, which i am going to have a look at. wrote:

> hello everybody,
> i am a newbie and wanted to ask your opinions on the two books available on
> ant, there is one from manning publications and one from o'reilly .
> since i am an absolute fresher, which of the book according to you would be
> a better one to start with ant.
> your suggestion's will be appreciated.
> regards,
> amit
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