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From john guthrie <>
Subject Re: The <javadoc> task doesn't support the nested "patternset" el ement
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 20:36:50 GMT
This does tell him what is wrong in a roundabout way.

An error message to the effect that the XML document is not well-formed 
(has a syntax error) would be more to the point, though, since that is 
really what his problem was...

My opinion.

Diane Holt wrote:
> --- Dominique Devienne <> wrote:
>>Actually, I believe Ronald is right:
>><fileset dir="${dir.src}" />
>><patternset refid="patternset.src" />
>>There's indeed nothing wrong with the first <fileset />, neither with
>>the <patternset/> on line 2 above, but </fileset> on line 3 is
>>incorrect (it doesn't close any opening <fileset>).
>>My limited understanding of XML would tell me this is indeed not well
>>formed XML... As to how this is not detected by Ant/SAX1, I'll leave
>>that to the experts.
> Well, I'm not the person to address that last bit, since I'm not even
> close to an XML or SAX1 expert -- but my point was that the error message
> did provide the information he needed. Here, from the original posting, is
> where the problem was:
>   > What is wrong with this file? According to the Ant 1.5
>   > documentation, a patternset can be nested within
>   > a fileset. And the javadoc task does support filesets
> He didn't read the error message correctly. The message did not say that
> <fileset> doesn't support the nested "patternset" element -- it said that
> <javadoc> doesn't. And if he had read the message correctly, he'd have
> most likely caught the mistake that was causing <patternset> to be seen as
> a nested element of <javadoc> instead of as one of the <fileset> as he'd
> intended, since he would have been trying to discover why it thought the
> <patternset> was a nested element of <javadoc> when clearly he'd put it
> under <fileset .../> -- oops, <fileset ../>, a-ha!
> Diane
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