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From Emmanuel Roubion <>
Subject Build failed with jvm 1.1.8: javac: invalid argument: @[build.xml path]\jikes-697591956057673593
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 10:29:18 GMT

We're using ant v1.4.1 on Windows 2000 with the .bat launcher and the
jvm 1.1.8. Depending on where we checkout our project, one of us gets
the following output when bulding a component :

Buildfile: build.xml

        [some echos here ...]

        [echo] compiling comm
        [echo] --------------
       [javac] Compiling 27 source files to D:\Integration\.output\classes
       [javac] javac: invalid argument:
       [javac] use: javac
[-g][-O][-debug][-depend][-nowarn][-verbose][-classpath p
ath][-nowrite][-deprecation][-d dir][-J<runtime flag>]


Compile failed, messages should have been provided.

The line 157 follows :
<javac destdir="${dir.classes}" debug="${build.compiler.debug}"
    <src path="${dir.sources}"/>
    <include name="${dir.package.comm}/pdubase/**/*.java"/>
    <include name="${dir.package.comm}/pduusertype/**/*.java"/>
    <include name="${dir.package.comm}/requestprovider/common/**/*.java"/>

While some accents are badly displayed ('Ú' instead of 'é') in the
console, and that "jikes" is mentionned while we're using javac, I 
understand that :
   - in this example, the command line seems to be too long because of 
the long "Integration" subdir in the path : the issue does not happen 
with the subdir "Dev" for instacne (what a fun :-))

   - ant detects the command line is too long and switch to the @sources 
syntax, which is not supported by the jdk 1.1.8 AFAIK.

Since I already cut down the command line to its strict minimum (going 
further will be an awful hack...), how to fix the issue ?
I see 4 things, which one is best and why ?

1. Changing the command line length ? How ?

2. Switching to a jdk > 1.1.x to support the @sourcesfiles feature. But 
I want to be sure the byte code is striclty 1.1. compliant since it is 
an applet.
   => does using ant with the jvm 1.3 with the "bootclasspath" attribute 
set to the 1.1.8 "" in the <javac> task guarantee me this 1.1 
strict compliance ? Any other settings to tune to generate strict 1.1 
byte code ? Any of you use this configuration with successs ?

3. Does the or launcher will make any difference in this 
case ? I didn't tried it (I am not an expert with these interpreter to 
install) but I don't think so... :-/ Do you confirm ?

4. Any other ideas ? ;-)

Thanks for your input,

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