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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: Ant 2 et al...
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 06:13:50 GMT wrote:
> Thomas Zander writes:
>>>dIon writes:
>>>I've spent some time this weekend reading up on the various proposals 
> for 
>>>Ant 2, and my first reaction is:
>>>'Is Ant dead?'
>>You write a nice email but you forgot the most interresting things, 
> right
>>now it only spreads Doubt, Uncertainty and also Fear.
> I suppose that sums up my feelings about Ant 2 very neatly:
> - Doubt as to whether it will come to fruition
> - Uncertainty about whether the Ant community wants it
> - Fear that we will be stuck with the 1.x limitations forever.

Ok, let me say that I feel the same way.

>>This email would be a whole lot more usefull if it specified;
>>- What is wrong with the current approuch.
>>- What your proposals in the technical aspect
>>- How you propose not to alianate the current userbase
>>- What you have done and will do to get there.
> I think this has all been done before - that's my point. We already have 
> proposals for Ant 2, which I feel are worth moving forward on. So to 
> answer your points:
> - we are not voting on Ant 2.
> - Adopt one of the two up to date proposals - Mutant or Myrmidon.
> - Backward compatibility in the existing proposals (Mutant is ahead on 
> that)
> - I've been 'involved' in at least one of the alternative projects I 
> mentioned before, e.g. Maven and Jelly. I've submitted code to Ant 1.x, 
> and I'm trying to get an Ant 2 discussion going :)


I would add Jelly to the proposals, at least as an "engine".

Maven and Centipede are maybe a bit different, in a sense that they 
build *on* Ant-Jelly, but we could discuss on wether Ant should do what 
they do, it could be interesting.

>>I'd hate to see your obvious dissapointment go wasted, but your email 
>> won't
>>change much! Showing work and making sure its done by starting doing it 
> will!
> Unfortunately, no it wont. I'm not in a position to call for a vote, or to 
> stop changes to the 1.x stream.....
> And believe it or not, sending that email is 'showing work'. How would you 
> like me to 'start doing' the move to Ant 2? Put more effort behind one of 
> the ignored proposals?
> Bring on Ant 2...........

I think it's maybe a bit early to call a vote on the proposals, but I think
that it's time that they are evaluated anyway.

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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