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From "Shackelford, John-Mason" <>
Subject RE: refactoring a large project
Date Sat, 20 Jul 2002 19:13:39 GMT

> That said, I don't get why you say you have targets running 
> several times.
> You have your <antcall> that call the version-specific 
> build.all.vXX at the
> top level, so you're fine! You must have other <antcall>'s 
> elsewhere!?!?

An interesting point. I did find <antcall> used gratuatously throughout, so
it could be that you are right. I have a feeling that perhaps the version
specific targets may have been listing non-version specific targets as
dependencies, which inturn would launch another <antcall>, (e.g. I have
ant.clean, ant.clean.v32, and ant.clean.v40 targets as well, not to mention
a host of others similiarly configured). I will look into it and report


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