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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: Auto-increment a x.x.x.x build number?
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 04:46:21 GMT
--- "Duffey, Kevin" <> wrote:
> How about using 4 different files for <buildnumber file=""/> AND a
> conditional that says if buildnumber1 > 99, set it to 0, and then do the
> <buildnumber file="2"/>.

Now I'm back to being confused -- I thought the fourth number held an
incrementing build number, and the other three held semi-static numbers
that only incremented at a release (with which number depending on the
type of release).

Also, if by "a conditional" you mean <condition> -- it doesn't support a
'greaterthan'/'lessthan' (although it could/probably should), so you'd
need to either go with a <script> or a custom task.

> Then again, I suppose this wont work because you can't auto-increment
> a number in real-time, can you?

If by "real-time" you mean during the build run, that's what both
<buildnumber> and <propertyfile> do. (But it seems like you know that
already, so maybe I'm misunderstanding what you do mean.)



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