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From Rick Berman <>
Subject Re: Way to use a fileset for uptodate's "to" or "mapper"
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:48:33 GMT
--- Diane Holt <> wrote:
> --- Scott Ellsworth <> wrote:
> > Turns out that <dependset> was what I was missing.
> [snip]
> > The only problem I am missing now is how to know
> > when to build if  dependset deletes my files.  If
> > I run the above, it will certainly 
> > eradicate everything in the directory if they are
> > out of date, but unless I know that something got
> > deleted, I will not know that I should 
> > regenerate the files.

> Do you actually want everything in the directory
> deleted, if anything's out-of-date (ie., if any one
> thing is out-of-date, does that actually
> require everything get rebuilt)? If not, then
> <dependset> probably isn't the best way to go. On
> the other hand, if yes, then whatever target
> currently builds this stuff should just depend on a
> target that has the <dependset>, so it'll go do that
> first, then, when it comes back to the
> original target, the task(s) in it will build
> whatever would normally get
> built when none of the target-files are there.

I had to go back and reread this thread a few days
later when I realized I had a similar problem.  In my
case, I do have a situation where "if any one thing is
out-of-date, everything must get rebuilt".  My
solution so far has been to use dependset to nuke
everything (if any one thing is out-of-date) and then
use available to check for the existence of a single
file.  This isn't quite as "safe" as checking all the
files but it works.

It would be seriously cool to have uptodate support a
targetfileset in much the same way dependset does
(i.e. work like dependset but set a property rather
than delete the files).  The build file would also
probably communicate the intent of my logic better as


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